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Allied Precise Gunmen
Code of Conduct

1. All promotions are based on the recommendation from a squad or platoon leaders for review by the Company Officers.

2. Company Officers have final vote on promotions and actions of the Company.

3. Commanding Officers (CO) report in this order: Squad, Platoon, Company. All actions, training, etc should be reported to their respective C.O.

4. It is the responsibility of all members to follow their chain of command, reporting any issues/concerns their respective Officer.

5. Squad Positions are designated by the Company Officers with input from the Training Officers during the active duty training period for each incoming private.

6. All members are responsible for finding possible recruits, when we are recruiting. We want quality recruits so use good judgement!

7. Be Loyal to the Allied Precise Gunmen in all A.P.G. related activity, both in game and out.

8. Always play as a team. No lone wolfing.  If requested to attend a server or match we are in, do not go off to another server and do your own thing without permission from the Squad Leader or an Officer.

9. Report when planning to be absent(in the leave of absence thread via forums) or if you are not going to attend prior to the meeting, practice or match. Excuses will not be tolerated!

10. Missing in Action. If you miss 3 consecutive practices or matches you will be placed on review and Considered MIA. If you miss 6 or more practices/ matches, you will be placed under review for removal from the APG. Note: Some special exceptions may apply as deemed fit. Please inform your Squad Leader or Officers of absences.

11. Cheating on any server is unethical; do not under any circumstance use cheats or you will be banned from the A.P.G. This includes modifying files for any game in any way that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.

12. Never give out Clan Passwords! Failure to follow this will result in your removal from the clan instantly!

13. Excessive Cursing or spamming in text or Voice chat will not be accepted.

14. No insubordination will be tolerated. Members violating the chain of command will be placed under review for demotion, suspension, or termination from the A.P.G. as we see fit.

15. Excessive Team Killing will result in probation if we see that you are repeatedly doing it and if we see that it is intentional we will put you on probation instantly and consider you for removal from the clan. The Command Staff will review the situation further and make the necessary changes.

16. It is the responsibility of each member to report to their respective CO and/or the Company Officers all infractions of the regulations by any member of the A.P.G.

17. Have Fun!!!!! We are all here for the same reason, to have fun. Don’t ruin the fun of others because you are getting upset.
Complaints should be made using the chain of command and the issue will be dealt with, with the individuals involved. Do not make an issue a big scene as it is not a productive or beneficial look for the A.P.G.

18. Violation of any of the rules and regulations will result in a member or members to be put on review by the Company Officers. Dismissal from the clan or demotion/suspension will be voted on at this time based on the severity of the infraction.

19. At any time all rules and regulations may be altered or added to by a vote of the Company Officers.
Admin also reserve this right regardless of rank. It is each individual members responsibility to check
for these changes/updates.

20.It is each individual member's responsibility to make the clan environment friendly for everyone to use and the command staff's responsibility to make sure that it is a friendly environment for everyone to use. If the command staff see's the environment becomes toxic in any way, shape or form it is his/her duty to attempt to resolve the issue to the best of his/her ability or bring the issue to a member of the command staff's attention as soon as possible. The Allied Precise Gunman may have member's who are under the age of eighteen in special circumstances and it is each individual member's responsibility to react accordingly. Keep that in mind when your speaking in the presence of the young.

I affirm that all information i have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsifying any of the recruitment information may result in my removal from the unit and that by me joining the A.P.G. i agree to be bound by these terms.

I understand that I may be removed from the unit by violating any of the rules listed in code of conduct and any other rules set by those in command.